Community Projects

Miriam Medical Centre, coordinates with rural communities to ensure that life is improved. Miriam Medical Center is currently coordinating with an phanage Nursery school. The Nursery School is the only one in the area; currently with a population of 80 pupils, 49 Females and 31 Males . The orphanage is in a very poor state. Miriam Medical Center; is only supporting the school with Health Education Services. There is a greater need of improving on general structures. we ask all development workers, and supporters to view all pictures here and support this community project in any possible way
Pupils in a class waiting to do a class test. Behind standing is the class teacher; and the head teacher is seen supplying test papers. The class walls are not to the health standards ; i call upon well wishers to plan to bring a brighter future in this school. email us to arrange your visit:

During out reach services; Miriam Medical Centre, Discovered that latrines at the orphanage centre are all in a poor state; with this specific problem, we request you to show us where we can contact to obtain possible support for improving health services in this area. view the pictures below to follow the story:

Pupils at the orphanage center are seen plying in side their new classroom block. ( view the picture below) still the new classroom block is not to the health standards; there is greater need to support the project. All the current developments at the orphanage school are done using local finance resources. Looking at the poor structures at the orphanage centre, Miriam Medical Centre is in a total fix; ( Needs to support but do not have the capacity.) This is why we tell development partners globally to extend a helping hand particularly targeting to helping this school, in this corner of Kasese- District, Uganda, East Africa.

Community Members attending   Health Education on  the importance of Family planning, Miriam Medical Center staff conducting. ( 1/2/2012)

Below are community members in a photo after family planing session

( 1\2\2012)

below picture; shows the complete school view. The school head teacher in his office; under a tree with two parents.

After the exam test, all pupils are advised to move out side their classrooms, and relax for some time. View the picture below to follow the story:

Miriam Medical Centre; singled out out things that may be required urgently in addition to the health education sessions:
(1) Construction of a small and simple latrine
(2) Buying roofing plates and the assorted materials for a small class room block.
(3) Benches, balls, pencils, Books, writing/ Teaching boards
(4) Buying a plastic for harvesting water from the roof.
Miriam Medical Centre is committed to develop a comprehensive simple project proposal aiming to addressing current community challenges.

The picture below shows you a complete view of the current type of latrines at the orphanage center; any bit of assistance can help us make a difference. Tell other friends about us. email us to learn more:

Miriam Medical Centre out reach services continues:
Miriam Medical Centre after realizing  that in Uganda Maternal mortality rate stands at 430 death/100000 live birth ( 2008) and infant mortality rate at 66.47 death/1000 live birth; decides to increase  rural health education session on how to reduce the ratios by 2015. During out out reach training sessions, we strongly encourage  gender . There is a lot  you can document and pass to others; just plan to visit us. view the picture below:  The one standing is a professional Midwife sharing her professional skills with rural communities; a services which is unique and demanded by rural people.There is need to maintain budget  for this activity.
Date: 23/11/2011

 After the training session on how to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality ratios, all participants pause for a group photo:see below: Date: 23/11/2011

At Miriam medical centre,we are constructing a temporally shelter/ hall with local materials for Health education,immunization.

MMC Community project No 2: 
 Water and Sanitation ( Construction of a community  rural water spring )
From the continued  out reach services of Miriam Medical Centre Health Workers, it was noted that lack of clean water has remained the major cause of Common Diseases. Due to this specific problem; MMC  Commits her self to develop a project proposal for constructing a community water spring,  building a big reservoir water tank and piping into the tank respectively.  The water tank to serve 100  families of about 6-7 people; is expected to cost  approximately  UGX 35 million. we call upon willing friends to extend a helping hand. email to learn more:
Most children/community members,collect water from this point. we would like to access resources in order to protect the source. The source you see does not dry up even during dry seasons. It is our plan that when we finally find resources to protect this water spring, we shall first build the source, and pipe the water 50 meters away from the source to reach the top of this hill you see. Remember; the source is about the hill; this will be easy for the water to reach the proposed big tank and flowing  all over the targeted beneficiaries and beyond. Visit us or email us to learn more. Tell a friend about this project.

Most Children/Community Members, walk long hours across the hill you see above, in search for water. With your help, we an protect the spring, construct big water tank,  and finally reduce the distance that most people walk. " They go through a narrow road across the bush".

The picture below; shows you house holds that will be served by the spring, when it is finally protected.  Houses are scattered across the hills and below the valleys. Most likely one walks for about  1 -2 hours to reach the water source, at the source, he/she enters a parade of other people waiting ; this also takes about one hour.  There is need to increase the volume of water in this village by constructing  a water reservoir tank.