Volunteer in country costs

Miriam Medical Centre - Would Like to build a small structure like this and accommodate External Volunteers Freely. ( Take note that the cottage will be build with bricks to make it more strong.)
Miriam Medical Centre - Believes that Most Volunteers fail to visit Uganda just because of in country  accommodation costs.  As a means of saving Life; and helping  poor / rural Communities, This year 2013, we have decided to locate land in Kasese -Town , where to construct one  cottage  where willing/ visiting Volunteers will be staying without payment. This service is planned to reduce the expected in country costs for visiting volunteers. 

In case such structure is build, a volunteer will only come to share experience for a pacified period,   and such a person will  only budget for his food ,  Air Ticket , personal  Insurance. and only contribute for running costs while in the cottage.   in our plan, the structure will have water, electricity / power, beds, wash room,  toilette,  a working table and a place for cooking /boiling tea.

This structure  will cost   about  U$ 5000
Once a volunteer is accepted to come and offer his/ her time at the centre, will stay in the cottage; over the weekends, one will be allowed to visit other areas just for his /her own discovery and will be sure of having a Home at Miriam Medical Centre. While in Uganda, one  will be free to discover at  his or her own cost areas like: Click the log to learn more: www.geolodgesafrica.com 

CONSTRUCTION OF ONE COTTAGE FOR VISITING VOLUNTEERS AT MIRIAM MEDICAL CENTER-REQUIRED MATERIALS:- The budget can be mobilized in phases in case willing volunteers are interested to assist. and we commit our selves to always up date this website page for public accountability purposes. 

  1. 3  trips of Building Materials ( Bricks)                                  
  2. 60 Bags of cement
  3. 9 Strips of sand soil
  4. Roofing plates ( Iron sheets)
  5. Nails
  6. Iron bars
  7. Stirrups
  8. Binding wires
  9. Boxes of tails and skilled labour for fixing
  10. D.P.C Paper
  11.  One  Exit door  and three windows
  12. Painting and skilled labour for constructing one complete cottage.

On behalf of our organization Board, we request willing volunteers to support this idea.
email to us now : mmcentre50@gmail.com 

Best Regards,

Babulya Miriam
Website - http://miriamedicalcentre.blogspot.com/

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