International Relationship for Development. MDG NO. 8

In March 2012; Delegates from Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation
Netherlands; visited Miriam Medical Centre here in Uganda, to discuss possibilities of establishing working relation ship to achieve the targets already set for the millennium Development Goals No. 4, 5, 6, and 8.

Miriam Medical Centre received a small Grant as a means of Developing Global partnership for Development.The grant was used as a base for establishing a project to save pregnant Mothers and their New babies. view picture below:

>Visitors from the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation
Netherlands;visited Miriam Medical Centre Out reach point to share with the community( Couples)matters  regarding Health education- Maternal child Health in particular; and possibilities of working relationship.

The above picture shows delegates from "Nasf " they visited on 29/8/2012  to see how the grant was utilized.The grant was used to improve the medical centre,  among others: it was used for  constructing one postanal ward and one water borne toilette. in a "white" uniform is the  one carying the vision of the medical centre. she has  10 years working experience.  For more pictures, visit the link of Org. profile. Thanks to Nasf Foundation. Feel free to joint us.