Friday, April 6, 2012

International Relationship for Development. MDG NO. 8

Staff from Dutch Albert
Schweitzer Foundation
Netherlands  Discussing possibilities of working with
Miriam Medical Centre in Uganda to achieve the targets already set for achieving  MDGs No. 4 , 5 , 6, and 8. ( March 2012 )

Delegates from Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation visited Miriam Medical Centre Out reach Point ( Community) to share with Couples in relation to maternal and child health care.

Delegates from Nasf- Dutch Organisation, visited Miriam Medical Centre  on 29/8/2012-in Kasese -Uganda-to see how the grant was utilized.The Grant was well used to improve the medical centre. one - Post anal ward and one Water borne toilet have  been done. Thanks to Nasf. In a Uniform " white"  is the the one carrying the vision of the  medical centre. she is a Midwife with 10 years experience.For more pictures, Visit the link of Org. Profile.

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